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Jails in Bathinda

Jails are an important pillar of any administration, which provides a place where the prisoners who are punished for any offence under the law are kept. As Bathinda is a district, the city has a Central Jail. In addition to that, the city has many lock-ups and jails. With the changing mental attitudes, today the officials also try to change the mental attitude of the prisoners. Today, the jails are also known as the Sudhargrah or reformatory. The prisoners are provided many facilities such as educational, recreational and medical facilities. In addition to that, they are also taught many skills, which they can utilize for earning living in prison and in society after they are released.

About Jails in Bathinda

Central Jail BathindaToday, there are various Jails in Bathinda district headquarter. There was one sub Jail in Mansa which was functioning up to 20th Oct 1984. After that, the prisoners and staff of the jail got transferred to Bathinda Central Jail. In addition to that, each of the police stations in the city has attached lock-ups and the Punjab Police takes their charge.

The administration of the Jail is controlled by Inspector General for Prisons, Punjab. The history of Central Jail starts from 30th July 1960 when the government set it up as the District Jail. It was 1st August 1970 when the District Jail got upgraded to the Central Jail. The Jail is located at the Bathinda-Mansa Road.

The Jail accommodates 498 prisoners at one time. Central Jail also has a capacity of ten female prisoners. In this section, 8 prisoners can stay at one time. Additionally, a separate cell is there where mentally retarded or violent prisoners (female) can be confined. One female warden has been appointed to look after these prisoners. The Central Jail also has juvenile section, where minor prisoners are confined.

The Superintendent is in charge of this Central Jail. He is assisted by following officers:

  • One Deputy Superintendent of Grade I
  • One Deputy Superintendent of  Grade II
  • Four Assistant Superintendents of Grade III
  • One Accountant    
  • 1 J.B.T Teacher
  • Seven Head Warders
  • Sixty Seven Warders
  • Staff of Class III
  • Staff of Class IV

Facilities at the Jails in Bathinda

The State Government has provided many facilities for the improvement of the living conditions of the prisoners who reside in various jails. They have improved the conditions in respect to the health, diet, emotional and educational requirements of prisoners. There are many unique features of the modern administration of the prisons. Also, the modern administration takes the effective steps for ensuring that the prisoners can earn their livelihood and merge in the modern society after their release.

Educational Facilities

The prison authorities provide the educational facilities for the prisoners. They can start from learning the three R’s and complete the education up to the University level. The prison also provides the services of a paid J.B.T. teacher in the staff, who supervise the adult literacy scheme with the assistance of the 2 Welfare Officers.

Recreational Facilities

Facilities at the Jails in BathindaThe prison authorities also provide recreational facilities for the prisoners to relieve the boredom. The prison authorities have set up a stage in Central Jail, Bathinda for the entertainment of the prisoners. From time to time, the prison authorities organize the variety shows in collaboration with various voluntary social service organizations and public relation departments. The authorities have also installed 9 television sets in different barracks of the jail for the prisoners, who watch it daily.

The Bathinda Central Jail also has a library, which has 1,260 books in different languages such as Hindi, English, Punjabi and Urdu on various subjects. The prisoners, who are literate, use these books to widen their mental horizon. The prison authorities have also sanctioned the supply of various newspapers and the magazines for the prisoners.  The prison authorities have also made arrangements for different sports such as badminton, volley-ball and other indoor games. In addition to that, the prison authorities also have opened a canteen, where the prisoners can purchase various items at very reasonable prices.

Medical Facilities

Bathinda Central Jail has medical facilities for the prisoner within jail premises for the security reasons. The in Charge of this hospital facility is Medical officer. The staff which assists the Medical Officer is additional Medical officer and 2 Pharmacists, one of which is lent by Civil Surgeon Bathinda. In addition to that, Experts doctors can be consulted from the Civil Hospital as per the necessity for ailing prisoners.

This hospital has 12 beds in general ward in addition to the special ward, which has 6 beds for the T.B. patients.

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