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Places to Visit in Bathinda

Bathinda is an ancient city of Punjab and is visited by many types of visitors throughout the year. Apart from the history freaks and people interested in archaeology, Bathinda has lots of places for entertainment and enjoyment. Historic monuments, religious places, zoos, market places, parks and industrial places in Bathinda are popular places where locals as well as tourists flock in great numbers.

Though Bathinda has been closely associated with the various historic era of our country, many types of modernization have also affected the city a lot. New market places, industries, parks and gardens have been set up in the city. Here the various places in Bathinda have been described.

Holy Places in Bathinda

The historical city of Bathinda has many holy places for the visitors. Even the locals visit these places to enjoy a journey through the past as well as to attain spirituality:

Gurudwara Lakhi Jungle

Lakhi Jungle is a place about 15 km away from Bathinda on the Bathinda-Muktsar Road. This forest is famous because of its historical significance. A large community kitchen (langar) used to be held here by Phul, son of Roop Chand, a famous Sikh in the history of Punjab. Phul was a very popular and adorable man in the area. Apart from starting langar in the area, he had constructed a fort in the Lakhi Jungle area in 1654. Lakhi Jungle is also popular for a very old Gurudwara. The Gurudwara had the holy steps of Sikh Gurus, Guru Nanak Dev, Guru Teg Bahadur (9th Sikh Guru) and Guru Gobind Singh (10th Sikh Guru).

Lakhi Gungle in Bathinda

The place has derived its name from the word “Lakh” means 100,000. At this place, the founder of Sikhism Guru Nanak Dev had told about the 100,000 holy paths mentioned by Sri Japuji Sahib.

Damdama Sahib

Though this is an important pilgrimage center for the Sikhs and Sikhs from all over the world come here to offer their prayers at this 5th Takht of Sikhism, Damdama Sahib is also a popular place to visit for the tourists and non-Sikhs.

Maiser Khana Mandir

Maiser Khana Mandir is a holy place for Hindus and is visited by thousands of Hindus from all over the country. The temples at Maiser Khana were built after a poor devotee of Mata Jawala Devi had got darshan of Devi.

Markets in Bathinda

Bathinda has very old market places like Dhobi Market and also the upstart modern market places like Mittal Malls, Penninsula Malls etc.

Dhobi Market Bathinda

Markets in Bathinda

Dhobi Market in Bathinda is located near the Mall Road and it is the main market of Bathinda. Right from the traditional Punjabi items like embroidered sarees, dress materials, juttis, bags and other handicraft works, the market has branded showrooms, and many retail shops selling electronic goods, garments, bakery items, food items etc. It is the main shopping hub of Bathinda.

Lakes in Bathinda

Lakes in Bathinda are the places where people come to breathe in fresh air, enjoy the surrounding landscapes and rejuvenate by participating in various recreational activities.

Thermal Power Plant Lakes in Bathinda

Bathinda is known as the “City of Lakes” for presence of artificial lakes in the city. The two most important lakes are the ones on whose bank the Thermal Power Plant of Bathinda is set up. These lakes are not only the like oasis in the city of concrete but are major place for entertainment because visitors can enjoy boating facilities here. Various rides for the children are also set up in the amusement park in the near proximity of the lakes.  Shikaras and paddle boats are allowed in the Lake No. 3 and interconnectivity between Lake No. 2 and Lake No. 3 of Thermal Plant is set up.

Historical Places in Bathinda

Bathinda being closely associated with the Indian history since Harappan Civilization has no dearth of historical places to visit. Forts like Qila Mubarak and Bahia Fort are important historical places in Bathinda that have worldwide fame.

Qila Mubarak

Qila Mubarak is a fort located at the center of the Bathinda City. It was build during the Kushana period in 90 AD. The fort had witnessed many important rulers and religious leaders of the past. This fort is the place where Razia Sultana, the first empress of India has been imprisoned. Great Muslim sage Hazi Rattan had come here to meditate and attain salvation. The fort was invaded by the foreign invaders.

Amusement Parks in Bathinda

After Independence, many new places for entertainment and amusement have been constructed in Bathinda. Zoos, parks and gardens in Bathinda are worth seeing. These places are the center of the attraction not only for the children but for the adults as well.

Bir Talab Zoo

Located about 6 km away from the city center, Bir Talab Zoo is a famous place for the tourists as well as for the locals. Apart from enjoying varieties of wild life like Cheetah, Sambars, Black Bucks, visitors enjoy picnicking here at this zoo. Sprawling lawns, varieties of trees and numerous exciting rides for the children make Bir Talab Zoo a must-visit place for the children.

Chetak Park

Chetak Park is an amusement park located at the Cantonment area of Bathinda. The park has children rides and boating facilities in the artificial lake created within the park premise. The park is a very popular place in Bathinda and is visited by children and adult both. Tourists as well as local people keep coming at this well built and well-maintained park.

Industrial Places in Bathinda

Bathinda is famous for its industries like power production, fertilizer, agro industry, cotton etc. Here you will get information about the famous factories of Bathinda that are worth visit.

Guru Nanak Thermal Power Plant

Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Power Plant Bathinda became operational in 1982 and has been serving the area by catering to the power needs for irrigation and other usage. The plant is one of the three power plants of Punjab. The four units of this thermal power plant produce about 440 MW of electricity that is sufficient to meet the power needs of lower areas of Punjab that require huge amount of electricity for irrigation purpose. 

Industrial Places in Bathinda

The thermal power plant is located on Bathinda Malout Road.

National Fertilizers Plant

National Fertilizers Limited, a company undertaken by the Indian Government had its production unit established at Bathinda. The fertilizer plant in Bathinda manufactures industrial chemical and fertilizers of organic and inorganic types. The plant was established in 1978 and is an important place to feel and understand how much progress India has achieved in the industrial area in the post-independence era.

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