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Religious Places in Bathinda

Bathinda houses a number of religious places like Gurudwaras, Mosques, Temples and churches. Even the mausoleums of Muslim saints are visited by hundreds of devotees of all religions to get their problems resolved and have mental peace.

Religious Spots in Bathinda

Here in this article you will get to know about the various religious places in Bathinda like Maiser Khana Mandir, Damdama Sahib and mausoleum of Pir Baba Haji Rattan Ji. Let's know about these in detail:

Damdama Sahib

Bathinda district has many places that are of great historical importance for the Sikhs. One such is the Talwandi Sabo which is also called Damdama Sahib. It is located about 18 km away from Bathinda City. Every year, The Baisakhi Fair is held here with great pomp and joy where thousands of devotees and ordinary people visit. The place has its name originated from the fact that Guru Gobind Singh Ji came here to take rest or Dam after he was back from the severe battle between Sikh-Mughal fought at Muktsar, Anandpur Sahib and Chamkaru Sahib. Guru Gobind Singh stayed at Talwandi Sabo for 9 months and 9 days. This premise of Damdama Sahib has 3 tanks/sarovars and 10 Gurudwaras.

Bathinda Religious Spots

The Nihangs have their headquarters at Damdama Sahib. The three tanks/sarovars here named Nanksar Sarover, Gurusar Sarover and Akalsar Sarovar are associated with the Gurus Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Teg Bahardurji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji respectively.

Maiser Khana Mandir

Maiser Khana Mandir is also popularly known as Bhagwati Temple. It is located about 29-30 km away from Bathinda City on the Bathinda-Maiser Khana Road. This temple is a popular pilgrimage place for the Hindu devotees and they flock here during the famous fairs that are held twice every year. There is a legend associated with the Maiser Khana Mandir. In 17th century AD, a resident of Maiser Khana Village started his pilgrimage journey to the famous Hindu Shrine of Kangra, the Jawala Mukhi Temple.

Along with him, another saint, Kali Nath, went out for the journey. Even before they could reach the shrine, Jawala Devi gave darshan to them. The legend says that Goddess had said that Maiser Khana Village would be the abode of the Goddess and people from all over the surrounding places would come here to worship her. After Devi gave darshan to her devotees, a temple was built here with a dome of about 80 ft.

Maisar Khana Mandir

A pond is located nearby the temple and is believed to be a sacred one. Anyone can attain salvation after taking a bath in this pond. The temple can be reached by road.  Maiser Khana Temple has main deity as Jawala Devi or Durga Devi.

Mazaar of Pir Baba Haji Rattan Ji

Mazaar of Pir Baba Haji Rattan Ji is a mausoleum of a very famous Muslim saint of Punjab yet it is also known as a Gurudwara of Haji Rattan Ji. For a Gurudwara, a place of worship for the Sikhs, such a name is a very unusual but Punjab has been a land where Hindus, Muslims and the Sikhs have been residing peacefully together and visited each other religious places. Mazaar of Pir Baba Haji Rattan Ji is one of the best examples of multi-cultural feature of Punjab. There are many legends associated with this place.

One of the legends is that Pir Baba Haji Rattan Ji was a Hindu by birth. His name was Rattan Chand and he used to be a poet. Though he wanted to represent India during Haj Pilgrimage but being a Hindu, he was not allowed to go to Mecca for Haj. When he got rejected, Guru Nanak Dev Ji blessed him so that he could attain Moksha. This is the place where Haji Rattan used to meditate and later on a tomb was created here which is called Mazaar of Haji Rattan Ji. As per another legend, Haji Rattan was blessed with long life and lived for about 700 years. As per a Spanish Muslim Storeyteller, Abu Marwan Andalusi, Haji Rattan calimed to have witnessed the Battle of Trench fought in Medina.

Darga of Pir Baba Haji Rattan Ji is located in the middle of Civil Hospital Bathinda and the Grain Market of Bathinda. People of all religious beliefs can visit this Mausoleum and it is believed that Pir Baba answers everyone who prays to him. Every year in the month of December, in a nearby Gurudwara, the fair of Baba Haji Rattan Yadgari Sabhyacharak Mela is held.

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