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Society in Bathinda

Today, a country cannot progress or prosper if all the sections of the population do not get suitable care and attention. For this purpose, Bathinda has several government and non-governmental NGOs and others. These societies are working in different areas and their purpose is to provide the care and attention to a particular section for their well being and the prosperity.  These NGOs and other societies highlight the social issues of the modern society. These social issues include child abuse, child labor, education for the underprivileged children and women, welfare of the stray animals and others. 

Society in Bathinda

Bathinda has many child welfare societies, animal welfare societies, environment awareness societies and women welfare societies. They work among the people and helps the people to live a healthy and peaceful life.

Child Welfare Societies in Bathinda

Children are the future of the country as well as the best gift for their parents. But, today most of the children have lost their childhood due to many reasons. The reasons may be poverty or the loss of their parents. Most of the children are not living in the optimal living conditions or the basic requirements such as food, clothes and a roof over their heads are not fulfilled. There are many reasons such as drug addicted parents, broken families and poverty due to which parents fail to fulfill the children’s requirements.  There are many child welfare societies, governmental and non- governmental which help the children who are presently living in slums or streets. These children are working at this tender age for a living instead of studying in the school.

The societies provide daily meals, primary and secondary education and vocational training which enables them to work in better position in their future life. The societies also provide help to the children who are victim of the sexual abuse by their close family members or strangers. The other major issue which is tackled by the societies is the drug abuse by the children who live in slum areas. The child welfare societies arrange the counseling sessions and the right medical care for the children, who are victim to any such issues.

Child Welfare Societies in Bathinda

There are many child welfare societies in Bathinda such as Yuva Welfare Foundation and KOT Shamir Welfare Society. There are many Government agencies such as District Child Protection Council who provide computer education and monetary support to the students in remote and rural areas. The agencies also provide counseling sessions for the parents and the children as per the requirements.

Environment Welfare in Bathinda

Environment awareness and the protection is one of the most pressing issues in Bathinda. This is due to the fact that it is one of most fastest growing industrial cities in country. There are many NGOs and governmental agencies which are working for preservation and protection of the environment in the city. The activities include the arranging workshops and camps for increasing the awareness of the environment, planting trees and teaching school children about the vital role of environment protection.
Some societies in Bathinda who are working in this area are All India Pingalwara Charitable Society and All India Women’s Conference.

Old People Welfare in Bathinda

Indian Culture has always venerated the old people in the society. But today there are many instances where the old people in some households are treated badly or are thrown out of home. Today, there are many old people, who prefer to live in old age homes due to many reasons. These reasons may be children working at outstation or abroad, death of spouse or disabilities due to any illness.

The aim of old people welfare society is to look after the interests of the elderly people in the society. The main aim is that these people can live a healthy, happy and peaceful life. They can also enjoy the last few remaining years of their life.

Women Welfare Society in Bathinda

Women constitute the fifty percent of the Indian society. Still, even if they are highly education and occupy a high position in the organisation face lot of professional, personal and social problems. Due to this fact, there are many women welfare societies in city which provide help and counseling to all sections of women. They also help women who are uneducated, poor and victims of domestic abuse of their husbands, families and others. They provide help with education, finance and other matters to ensure that they are financially independent. They also provide help in sanitation, family planning etc., to enhance the quality of life by arranging the educational workshops and camps.

Animal Welfare in Bathinda

In addition to the human beings, animals also constitute a vital part of the modern society. They also have an equal right to enjoy the good life. There are many animal welfare societies in Bathinda which takes care of the stray dogs and cats. The responsibilities of the animal welfare societies include the catching, sterilizing, care after surgery and releasing them in the natural environment. These societies also look after wounded and aged street dogs. They also vaccinate the street dogs from time to time.

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