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Tourist Spots in Bathinda

One of the oldest districts of Punjab State, Bathinda dates back to the ancient days of History. Many sites excavated in Bathinda have got links with the great Indus Valley Civilization. Bathinda has been ruled by the Bhatti Rulers during 6 AD and then it was in the hands of Hindu Shahi rulers. Bathinda was invaded by many Muslim invaders. Bathinda was also captured by the rulers of Phul Dynasty and later on it became part of princely state of Patiala. Bathinda has association with the Anglo-Sikh war fought 1845-46. After the independence, Bathinda became part of PEPSU state. In 1956, it became an independent district of Punjab state when many areas included in PEPSU merged into Punjab State.

Famous Sightseeing in Bathinda

Bathinda has become an important industrial place of Punjab with the famous National Fertilizers Limited and Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Plant established here. Apart from getting developed as an important industrial hub of north India, Bathinda is one of off-beat tourist centers of India. Bathinda is visited by many tourists and is famous for many places that have enormous religious and historical significance. Many monuments, temples and forts in Bathinda bear the architectural styles of dynasties and rulers that ruled Bathinda and its surrounding areas. Bathinda Tourist Spots include forts, temples, religious spots, zoos and gardens. Bathinda is also known as “City of Lakes” for various artificial lakes existing here.

Bathinda has well connected network through road and rail to the surrounding places and also to other states and Union Territories like Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh. The best time to visit Bathinda is from October to March as the weather remains cools and pleasant during those months.

Forts in Bathinda

Bathinda prides itself in having two important forts. One of these fort dates back more than 1500 years back. Each of these forts showcases the architectural excellence of its time.

Damdama Shaib

Bathinda Fort or Qila Mubarak

Qila Mubarak is an awe-inspiring national monument that is about 1400 years old. The fort has location at the center of Bathinda City. The bricks used for the construction of this fort which is also known as Bathinda Fort date back to Kushana Period. Those bricks are also popular as “Nanakshai Bricks”. The fort houses a Gurudwara in it. The fort was visited by famous Sikh Gurus Guru Gobind Ji, Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Teg Bahadur Ji.  The first Empress of India, Razia Sultana was imprisoned in this fort after she was dethroned by the rebels of her kingdom.

Bahia Fort

Bahia Fort was constructed in 1930. The family members of Patiala Army used to stay in this fort. The fort is now converted into a heritage hotel. Bahia Fort Hotel maintains its traditional architecture and it also has modern designs and styles in it. Initially during 1980s, the hotels was not assigned a star but with regular effort put in by the Indian Government, the hotel became one of its kind hotels in Bathinda in 2000 and it became a 4-star hotel. Bahia Fort Hotel has about 43 luxury rooms for the guest that are provided with all types of modern facilities and amenities. There is a banquet hall with an accommodation of 500 people at a time. The hotel also has beauty parlor, Club Room and Kitty Hall. Conferences and Marriage Parties are arranged in the conference hall of this hotel.

Religious Spots in Bathinda

Bathinda is mainly inhabited by people who follow Sikhism the place has many religious spot that are visited by the Sikh Devotees. Bathinda has religious spots belonging to the Hindu people as well. Basically Bathinda had an amalgamation of various religious like Sikhism, Hinduism, and Islam and the place has religious spots belonging to each religion.

Mazaar of Pir Baba Haji Rattan

Punjab has been a place where equal status and respect has been given to all religions and one of the witnesses is the Mazaar or Mausoleum of Pir Baba Haji Rattan. He was a famous Muslim saint and is visited by people of all religions. The mazaar is located in the middle of the Grain Market and Civil Hospital of Bathinda. Pir Baba Haji Rattan went to a pilgrimage journey to Mecca representing India.

Mazaar of Pir Baba Haji Rattan

Followers believe that there problems will get solved if they visit the Mazaar of Pir Baba and offer prayers with faith and respect.

Damdama Sahib

Damdama Sahib is a very important religious spot of Sikhs and it is located about 18 km away from Bathinda city in the south in the Talwandi Sabo Tehsil.  Dumduma means a resting place. The place has its name originated from an event when Guru Gobind Singh reached here after the Sikh-Mughal Battle and rested for about few months. Since his stay in this place, the place became popular as Damdam Sahib. Thousands of devotees flock here during Baisakhi when a fair is held at this place. The place has 10 Gurudwaras and 3 tanks. The tanks or sarovars are linked with the Sikh Gurus.

Maiser Khana Temple

The famous Hindu Temple of Maiser Khana in Bathinda was constructed on Bathinda-Mansa Road. The location is about 29 km away from the city and the main deities are Goddess Durga and Goddess Jwala Ji. There is a legend associated with this temple. There was a poor person with the name “Kamala” who could not manage to reach the temple to have the darshan of Jwala Ji. So he started doing penance for rest of his life and Goddess appeared before him to give darshan two times in a year. Every year, 2 grand fairs are held here at this place to commemorate darshan given by the Goddess to the poor man.

Gardens and Parks in Bathinda

Parks and gardens in Bathinda are well built and very well maintained and are like an oasis in the city of concrete. These parks and gardens of Bathinda are the places where people feel refreshed from all their stresses of life. These parks and gardens are also the most-visited places for the children.

Rose Garden

One of the popular parks of Bathinda is the Rose Garden that is spread over 40,000 sq m. it is located near Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Power Plant. The park is visited by hundreds of visitors during winters when colorful roses mesmerize visitors with their fragrance and charms.

Zoological Park

Zoological Park of Bathinda is also known as Bir Talab Zoo and is located about 6 km away from Bathinda city. Children love to come to this place as there are varieties of animals they could get to see here. Animals like Sambars, Cheetah, Black Bucks are found in this zoo. There are many rides for children in this zoological Park and people come here for picnics. Zoological Park in Bathinda is a most-preferred and popular tourist spot.

Chetak Park

Located in the Bathinda Cantonment Area, Chetak Park is a beautiful park where Indian Army has already created an artificial water body. This beautiful lake in Chetak Park not only enhances the beauty of this place but has boating facilities. Visitors find this park as an oasis and it has become an important place for recreation for the local residents. The park is visited by about 150-200 children and the adults on the weekdays and during weekends, the numbers of visitors double up.

The park is well-maintained and visitors can have enjoyable time looking at the various plants at this park or enjoy strolling around the mini forest which has canopy of trees. Colorful flowerbeds and lawns well make the visitors fell rejuvenated and refreshed. There are statues installed at the entranceway of this park. The park is a most-preferred place for the children for its mini-zoo that has rabbits, mandarin ducks, guinea fowl and pigeons. The park is also a popular picnic spot.

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